Established in 1988, Wan Sern prides herself as one of Singapore’s leading provider of quality Aluminium & Glass Architectural Solutions.

Our one-stop solution incorporates a comprehensive array of functions constituting Design, Fabrication, Installation, Delivery, and Service Support for all Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Project needs.





Service Support

We provide a wide variety of products ranging from individual home interior fixtures to large-scale building façade works, of which are not limited to the standard offerings but also custom requests that challenge the boundaries of our capabilities.

Through over 30 years of progression, Wan Sern has fostered strong extensive partnerships in the local building industry which empower her resolute commitment in delivering high quality, reliable, and cost-competitive products and services. Constituting the company’s primary driving force is a 180-staff team professionally-trained to provide the most thorough and timeliest customer cares.

Customer satisfaction is key to our success.

In every project, Wan Sern strives to deliver and exceed expectations through effectively-controlled procedures and quality operations executed to the highest standards of technical excellence. Nevertheless, the search for excellence never ends. This priority advocates us to improve continually to meet the growing and dynamic demands of the modern construction and renovation scene and has kept us at the forefront of our arena till today.


years of experience

  • On-Time Delivery 
  • Service Excellence
  • Satisfy Applicable Requirements 
  • Continual Improvement
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